Show 2 – 13/04/2016

Could it be? COULD IT BE? We have made two consecutive episodes of The Quietus Radio Hour with nothing going wrong? Electromagnetic pulse detonation between typing this and the show going live notwithstanding, it seems we might have. On this week’s programme we play new music from Tom Cohen, Underworld and PJ Harvey’s stunning new album (this week’s Lead Review) alongside tracks from Jackie Lynn, Fumaça Preta, Yossarians and Susso.

We’ve also got a 1980 Turkish disco cover of ‘Do You Think I’m Sexy’! AND speaking of having the horn, Luke discusses a weekend spent blowing Celtic instruments up in Scotland and why Romans hate free jazz, and there’s more sausage-plated chat on John’s failing memory, Laibach, and Wayne The Fireman’s four course pizza meal.

Oh yeah, and we reveal the modern-day ‘Stairway To Heaven’.

Full show:

Show 1 – 07/04/2016

As has become an annual tradition at tQHQ, we have decided to start a weekly radio show, called The Quietus Hour, dedicated to bringing you the best in new music. Thanks to the organisational skills of our former producer the Noble Paul Noble and the liquid skills of our current producer, Seb White, here is our first show of this year, with *crosses both fingers behind back, faces north and stands on one leg* each consecutive show to go out live on a Wednesday afternoon.

Quietus editors John Doran and Luke Turner surf a cresting wave of liquid chat for sixty minutes peppered with new music by ILL, Arabrot, Anna Meredith, Kiran Leonard, Jessy Lanza, Zayn and Fat White Family; not to mention copper bottomed exclusives by Billy Childish, Knifeworld and the first ever airing of the Gary Numan/John Foxx collaboration ‘Talk (Are You Listening To Me?)’.

Pour yourself a cup of chai and pull up a pouffe – it’s going to be luxurious.

Full show: